Keeping Trees Beautiful
In Summerfield, NC

Summerfield is a small, beautiful town in Guilford County, North Carolina. Although the town began as a rural farming community, today it is a cozy suburb of Greensboro. The community features rolling countryside as well as residential neighborhoods. Residents and visitors can enjoy beautiful parks, a developing trail system, and plenty of other leisure activities. There are plenty of gorgeous, mature trees throughout Summerfield. To keep the community beautiful and healthy, it's important to take proper care of trees of all ages. An experienced tree company can help assess whether a tree needs to be removed or what kind of maintenance work needs to be done to keep it healthy and thriving. Flourishing trees help keep the Summerfield community as gorgeous as it is today. 

Tree Removal Estimates & Assessments

Dillon Tree Service is an experienced tree company serving Summerfield, NC and the surrounding areas. As local residents, we know exactly what your trees need to flourish. If a tree on your property is unsafe and needs to be removed, we can help you with that as well. Give our experts a call today to schedule a consultation! We offer free tree removal estimates so you can be sure of all your options. We keep Summerfield beautiful all year round! 

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