Free Tree Removal Estimate

Free Tree Removal Estimates
for Greensboro, NC & the Surrounding Communities

Trees are an important part of nature and can enhance the beauty of your home, but there may come a time when you need them removed from your property. At Dillon Tree Service, we specialize in removing hazardous and unwanted trees from your property. We use traditional and highly innovative methods when removing trees and we do so by using state-of-the-art equipment.

Not every situation that involves professional tree removal is an emergency. And in such cases, it can be easy for many homeowners to put off getting the tree service they need, even if it is clearly warranted. This often comes down to price. Our experienced tree company understands that a tree cutting service can often be a large investment, and one that you may not have been prepared for. This is partly why we offer free tree removal estimates. We want you to have all the information available to you when deciding how best to handle your situation. Knowing the precise expense up front may make it easier to pull the trigger on the hazardous tree removal job you need. On the other hand, if you simply can't swing it, our tree company may be able to recommend other temporary solutions that are more affordable.

We are proud to provide tree risk assessments to homeowners and companies throughout Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Summerfield, Pfafftown, King, Lexington, Thomasville, Oak Ridge, Walkertown, NC, and the surrounding areas to help determine the best solution. Over 20+ years, we've been able to offer our clients with countless free tree removal estimates and we would be happy to do the same for you! Contact us today to discuss your situation and request a free tree removal estimate!

Factors that Affect Tree Removal Prices

Many will call and ask us how much it will cost to cut down a tree. To give the best price, it's best for our team to come out and look at the job. We offer free tree removal estimates to our customers in the Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Summerfield, Pfafftown, King, Lexington, Thomasville, Oak Ridge, and Walkertown, NC areas. The price depends on many factors including the size of the tree, species of tree, if the tree has already fallen down, and the difficulty of removing the tree, as well as other factors.

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Taking on a tree removal job by yourself can be dangerous and life-threatening. It is always advised to call the professionals at Dillon Tree Service as we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to get the job done safely. For more information about our tree removal services or to schedule a free tree removal estimate, contact our team today!

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