Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal & Service
For the Lexington, Winston Salem & High Point, NC Areas

Do you have damaged trees or tree limbs hanging over your property after a recent storm? Have you noticed a tree deteriorating over time that is now so decayed that it is falling apart?

Damaged and decaying trees can pose a safety risk for you and your neighbors. If a tree has yet to fall, it could cause damage to your property, your neighbor's property, or even surrounding powerlines. 

A dead, decaying, or damaged tree should be removed before a storm to keep everyone and everything safe and sound.

You can count on Dillon Tree Service for efficient emergency tree removal in Lexington, Winston Salem, High Point, and the surrounding areas. Our team uses industry-leading, high-tech equipment and our 20+ years of experience to skillfully, safely, and efficiently remove the problematic trees from your property. We know how detrimental a decaying or damaged tree can be, that is why we offer service to remove it immediately!

When is Emergency Tree Removal Necessary?

Disease - Unfortunately, some tree diseases can spread quite quickly. If you have recently noticed a growth of disease on one or more trees on your property, emergency removal can help save any surrounding trees that have yet to be infected.

Safety is Threatened - Have you recently noticed a branch hanging precariously over your yard or house? This could be a huge safety hazard, especially if there is a storm in the forecast. We can help alleviate that threat of further damage or injury by trimming or removing the affected branches.

Storm Damage - Intense storms in our area bring heavy rains and forceful winds that could potentially damage or fell your tree. Ice storms can have the same affect. In the event you have a tree emergency resulting from a storm, call us 24/7 and we'll be there to help.

Selling Your Property - Well-kept trees can improve your property value. If you are planning to sell and have some trees that are dead, decaying, or damaged, removing them quickly (and without damage to your lawn areas) can be the difference between a quick sell and a long time on the market.

Emergency Tree Removal & Service You Can Count On

At Dillon Tree Service, we take pride in providing our clients with comprehensive and efficient emergency tree removal and service. Let us put our knowledge and experience to the test for you when you're in need. Rely on us for emergency tree removal throughout Winston Salem, Lexington, High Point, and the surrounding communities. We are truly here for you.

We offer our emergency tree removal and service options to residential and commercial property owners.

When you're in need of emergency tree removal or service, contact us immediately at 336-996-6156.

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